Welcome from the Board

Gardener Schools Group is a family company founded by teachers. It provides an education based on clear values and with the overarching belief that talent must be nurtured so that every pupil reaches their full potential.

Our approach is holistic with a balanced focus on a child’s intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical and emotional development. We engender confidence and self-esteem, leading to intellectual risk taking and a love of learning. We cultivate values of respect, compassion, tolerance and community responsibility in each student.

While we retain the traditions we have established over time, we take a fresh approach to all areas of school life and are not bound by current conventions and practice. We encourage individuality of thought and self-motivation in all areas of study and exploration.

We also believe that parents have a great role to play in our schools and we adhere to a genuine “open door policy” meaning that our schools become hubs for their community of parents, students and staff.

Our schools recognise talent, allow pupils to feel they can take risks and bring parents into the process at every stage. This approach leads to excellent academic results, rounded, thoughtful students and happy and energised school communities.

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