About Ravenscourt Park

Our schools are committed to providing an education of the highest quality that meets each individual child’s needs and abilities. We seek to engender curiosity and creativity in each of them.

These are the main principles of our philosophy, which underpins all aspects of our Reception to Year 6 programme:

  • We believe that each child should be nurtured, inspired and motivated to allow them to fulfil their full potential.
  • Our approach is holistic with a balanced focus on a child’s intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical and emotional development.
  • We engender confidence and self-esteem, leading to intellectual risk taking and a love of learning.
  • We cultivate values of respect, compassion, tolerance and community responsibility in each child.
  • We are non-selective in our approach to admissions.


Our values reflect our philosophy and permeate all aspects of school life and apply to all members of our community:

Excellence in teaching and learning – we are committed to the provision of the highest standard of education for each child and we always celebrate achievement, however small.

Communication – we operate a true “Open Door Policy” where we make ourselves available to those who need to speak to us and communicate face to face whenever possible. The school is a welcoming place for parents and your involvement in school life is regarded as essential.

Innovation and flexibility – we continuously reflect on our practice, constantly seeking to improve. We encourage initiative and embrace change.

Our place in the world – we promote the understanding of what it means to grow up in a Britain of the 21st century, preparing our children to make positive contributions in school, work and life.

We promote the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, and for those without faith.

We value education as a journey and not simply as a method for passing exams.


Our children are inspired and motivated by outstanding teaching. They are resourceful, resilient, reflective and enthusiastic learners. We give our children the confidence to collaborate, have an opinion and make mistakes in order to learn.
Our children become expressive and confident communicators. They understand the importance of contributing to their community and to each other’s lives. They value diversity and leave school as well-rounded individuals, invariably going on to the secondary schools of their choosing.

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