About Maida Vale

Maida Vale School opened its doors to students for the first time in September 2020. We are proud to be able to meet the demand in this area of London for a school with our ethos and approach. 


Maida Vale School is part of The Gardener Schools Group which includes its sister school Kew House School in west London. Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School and Kew Green Preparatory School complete the group.

Our schools are founded on clearly defined values and these inform everything we do:

  • We believe that each student should be treated as an individual, inspired and motivated to allow them to fulfil their full potential.
  • We engender confidence and self-esteem, leading to intellectual risk taking and a love of learning.
  • We cultivate values of respect, compassion, tolerance and community responsibility in each student.
  • We pursue excellence in all areas of study and exploration.
  • We take a holistic approach, as we believe that there can be no artificial barriers between a student’s intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth.

Our staff work in partnership with both students and parents to promote his/her success, well-being and happiness. A rich and broad curriculum delivered within a caring and nurturing environment produces confident and happy young people achieving excellent academic results.

Maida Vale School is modern and innovative yet reflects many of the traditions and values established over thirty years at our schools.

Whilst the school uses entrance exams to select its students, we give equal weighting to interviews, achievement in all areas and school references. We believe that talent and potential should not be wasted. At full capacity Maida Vale School will have a roll of approximately 600 boys and girls aged 11 to 18, offering small classes and tutor groups where students will receive individual attention.

Many senior schools remain firmly modelled on past independent and state grammar school models. Within the Gardener Schools Group, we have successfully shown that a modern approach can bring about change for the better. Adolescents now mature socially and emotionally at a younger age and an appropriate learning environment must reflect this. Our students must leave school as resilient, self-reliant young people who can problem solve creatively and understand group dynamics. These skills and values will equip our students for life in the 21st century.

Maida Vale School is an energising, demanding and nurturing place to be. We look forward to welcoming you through our doors.

Maria Gardener
Director of Education, Gardener Schools Group