About Kew House School

Kew House School takes a modern and pioneering approach to every aspect of school life. These are the key characteristics upon which the school is founded:

Individualised attention both pastorally and educationally for all students

Kew House School benefits from having a smaller student roll than many independent senior schools. This allows us to provide the flexibility and individualised attention needed to enable students to fulfil their potential. 

Selection criteria

We seek inquisitive, intelligent students displaying a recognisable talent. Although we do use entrance testing, greater emphasis is placed on an interview, work portfolios and feeder school reports. Each year group is selected as a cohort, combining a balanced mix of aptitudes and personal attributes.


We recognise and enhance the individual abilities of each child, welcoming students with varying academic profiles and placing emphasis on confidence, self-esteem and creativity. We believe this approach produces excellent academic results.

By operating a true “open door” policy that welcomes parents and members of the wider community to become a part of school life, Kew House aims to develop the feeling of a family and social hub that provides emotional support and security for all students and employees.

The Curriculum

We believe in providing a rich and broad education to all students whatever their specialism, pursuing excellence in all areas whether examinable or not. Whilst we aim to achieve the highest academic results for each student, we will not serve as an examination “factory”. Our “Individuals in Society” (IS) course focuses on personal development, emotionally, practically and intellectually throughout each student's life at the school via regular, timetabled sessions and extensions of the school day.

Community Involvement

The school is outward-looking, taking full advantage of the wide variety of cultural, scientific and business organisations in London as a resource for academic and non-academic learning, as well as fostering opportunities for service to the local community. Visitors regularly hold seminars and workshops at the school.

Modern and Pioneering Approach

Kew House School takes a fresh approach to all areas of school life and is not bound by current conventions and practice. Whilst retaining the core traditional values in place at our preparatory schools, bold decisions about curriculum, timetabling and the length and shape of the school day and term have allowed us to align the school with the lives of students and parents. With six hours of lessons per day, Kew House provides its students with an extra day's teaching per week in comparison to most other senior schools. Key Stage 3 ends after Year 8, leaving an additional year to study at GCSE level. The school operates as an educational and social centre for students in the evenings, at weekends and during school holidays when core, extension or one-off learning courses and social events take place.

Creativity and Excellence

Kew House School exists to foster individual and group creativity in all areas and allow talent to bloom. We encourage individuality of thought and self-motivation in all areas of study and exploration.

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